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Can't Add a Printer? Also works with Google Calendar. Subscribe once and have it every year. Here's what to do. Subscribe and the NBA Playoffs will appear each year. Modem's OK, internet service provider says everything's fine, WiFi al is strong, but you can't load web s or get mail? Here's a fix.

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Here's how you get your AOL contacts onto your iPhone. Step by step instructions. AOL says it can't be done but they are wrong about that.

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Use Shortcuts to automate things on your iPhone and iPad. If you can't send mail, but you can receive, and you're using the Mac Mail app, the cause could be malware. Here's the simple fix. Here's a quick, one-handed way to delete an. Once you've done it you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way! What it does, and how it works. Sending attachments to non-Apple people-- the green ones-- can fail with an "Attachment is Too Long" error. Here's how you fix that. Widget are an essential feature of iOS AOL's documentation says it can't be done, but it's wrong. Here's how to fix the pop-up messages saying "HPDeviceManager.

HP's method takes 12 steps.

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Apple's going to show us something new Tuesday, November 10th, at 10 am Pacific time. I'm betting it's new Macs, using Apple Silicon. New iPhones and a new HomePod too! Here's how you password-protect a Word document on your Mac.

You can require a password for opening a document and another for editing. Here's how you password-protect a Excel document on a Mac. Step-by-step instructions. Easy as pie. Keep your private stuff private. Apple's having big iCloud issues tonight.

If you can't get your mail, or into iCloud, or synch your calendar It makes everything bigger-- icons, buttons, text. Thank you, iOS 14! If Safari 14 doesn't load s properly on your Mojave Mac you might need to reinstall the system. It's easy, and it works. Here's how.

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You can add shortcut icons for web s to your iPhone's Home screen. They look like apps. When you tap one you're taken to that web. The Mac Calculator app has hidden powers. Here are my favorite Mac Calculator tips: conversions, paper tape, commas, scientific functions, more. Everything you need to know about attaching files to Mac Mail messages. Includes eleven ways to do it! The Definitive Guide. If you want everything to be icons that's doable.

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You need an ad blocker for Safari, and Wipr is the best one. It's cheap, it's easy, and it works. Get it, set it, and forget it. Many of us double-click icons and whatever happens, happens. Here's how to control which app is launched, and then some.

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COVID has canceled most live fireworks shows, so put on your own pyrotechnics show with a free iPhone app. Watch it at apple. Here are my top ten tips for using Mail on an iPhone or an iPad. They make using Mail faster, easier, and more efficient. Give them all a try!

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Maximize your Mac's performance by making it faster and easier to use. Change a few settings now and save time and effort day after day.

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Add text labels to buttons in Finder Toolbars. Remove unwanted buttons. Add buttons you want. Add favorite apps and folders to the Toolbar. Rename multiple files at once using the Finder's "Rename Items" feature.

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Clean up and organize your Mac's desktop the fast and easy way using the Finder's "New Folder with Selection" command. Add airline tickets to Apple Wallet app and always have up-to-date flight information. Boarding passes pop up when you arrive at the airport. Times, dates, TV stations. Updated with scores as games go final. Safari's Reader feature makes web s much easier to read on iPhones.

Strip outincrease font size, change background color. Times, dates, and tv stations. Updated every year. Microsoft Office for the Mac seems to have a bug that prevents activation in El Capitan and Yosemite. Here's the fix. Subscribe and the MLS Playoffs will appear and update each year.

Here is a collection of the very best college football schedules available online. Teams, times, TV-- you name it, it's here. Apple will hold a "Special Event" on September 10th, at 10 a.

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Let's see what they announce. My guess: new iPhones, in purple and green.

Skip the "Are you sure? Also helps when something won't delete. Try it! Hold the Option key as you click the link and the document goes to your downlo folder.

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The Option-Drag technique works all over the place. It's one of the handiest Mac things to know. It lets you make copies of things, rather than move them. Image dimensions are important: hi-res for printing, low-res for online viewing, etc. Quickly get the image you want by using this tip. Rotate pictures 90 degrees counter-clockwise in iPhoto, Photos, and Preview.

If you want to rotate the other direction, hold the Option key. The Mac's Contacts app reveals the Groups a contact is in, at the press of a key.

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Of course it's the Option key. This will help you one day. Close all of your open Finder windows with a keystroke.

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