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Ren Brody Grant strikes a nerve with the Rev. I've also been writing for The Citizen and auburnpub. To most, "Footloose" means Kevin Bacon, furious dancing, and an ensemble cast of s cultural ifiers.

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But The Rev Theatre Company production leaves other parts of the movie in the dustbin of its decade, sometimes because of the change from screen to stage and sometimes because of the changing times. The result isn't just a more modern "Footloose," but one with more humor and, most of all, more heart.

Grant's Ren is more exuberant with friends and more hotheaded with enemies, and he makes plenty of both as the new city boy in a small town where dancing is illegal. Grant is just that, too — more boyish.

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His emotional honesty and more natural athleticism are what one might expect if Tom Holland starred in the movie's next remake, though I could be saying that because of Grant's slight resemblance to the "Spider-Man" actor. Regardless, Grant's Ren feels pleasingly like his own.

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Alec Michael Ryan similarly owns his character, the slow but wise Willard. As the best friend to Ren and romantic interest of Fatima El-Bashir's Rusty, Ryan just about steals the show with comic timing as good as his character's footwork is bad.

By the second act, every time he opened his mouth the Merry-Go-Round audience was laughing in sheer anticipation of what might come out next.

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Another favorite with the audience was Hannah Hunt as Ariel, the daughter footloose the preacher who pushed their town to outlaw dancing. Hunt embodies in full not just the rebellious streak her father inadvertently encourages, but also Ariel's desire to experience the more intellectual parts of the world he would deny her. After she shares that desire with Grant's Ren, the two le deliver some of the best chemistry in the show during the second act duet "Almost Paradise. That duet, and the scenes that follow, reveal the real meaning of "Footloose" — and it isn't the Michigan of Ren, Ariel and their fellow youth.

Before the curtain rose Wednesday at the Merry-Go-Round, the show's director, Brett Smock, told the audience that "Footloose" is really about community. That's true, but only in part. The town does have to come together, to confront the tragedy that led its elders to outlaw dancing and reconcile that with the energies of its youth.

But it can only do that by communicating. So the importance of that dating the other part of the real meaning of "Footloose. If nothing else, the importance of communicating is the meaning of the climactic scene between Ren and Ariel's father, the Rev. Shaw Moore.

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Their heart-to-heart is also a more forceful turning point in The Rev's production than in the movie. That's because of actor Christopher Swan, whose Moore sneers and scolds in ways that eluded John Lithgow and his big, sad eyes. So when Swan takes the pulpit in the next scene to announce that the youth could have their prom, it's even more surprising. And when he finally hugs his wife, Julie Cardia's terrifically warm Vi, it's even more heartwarming.

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Just footloose the tragedy that befell the town spiritually frames the lives of Moore and others, it literally frames "Footloose" at the Merry-Go-Round. The proscenium is a collage of newspaper headlines and farm implements, car fenders and other pieces of rural life. They're among the few sources of the movie's '80s grit in the absence of its game of tractor chicken and other unstageable action scenes, as well as the scenes of violence against women that make the movie at times unwatchable today.

But angled strips of neon lights cut across the set, placing the show in the near present. Likewise, the dancing in "Footloose: The Musical" mixes Michigan hand waves and hypnotic swaying of the movie's time with the impeccable attention to detail of modern choreography, The Rev included.

Set to iconic earworms like "Holding Out for a Hero" and "Let's Hear it for the Boy," the many dating s might just be the highlight of a show with almost no missteps.

Like Ren McCormack, the protagonist of the show and the cult hit film that inspired it, Grant moved to a small community in the middle of his childhood. But his connection to the rebellious character, made famous by Kevin Bacon, doesn't end there.

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In Georgia, where Grant moved with his family from Michigan, he later discovered his love of performing. Then, through hard work and perseverance, and listening to his opponentshe grows and learns from it.

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The listening and learning that McCormack does, along with the rest of the rural community of Bomont, makes "Footloose" as timely now as it was insaid Alec Michael Ryan, who plays Willard. As the show begins, the community is divided Michigan the amount of freedom it should allow its children due to a car accident that killed four of them years prior. Led by the Rev. Shaw Moore Christopher Swanfather of one of those four children, Bomont outlaws alcohol, drugs and dancing as a result. But once McCormick arrives in town, and is ed by Willard as well as Moore's equally rebellious daughter, Ariel Hannah Footloosethe children challenge their elders by organizing a senior prom.

They find an ally in Moore's wife, Vi Julie Cardiawho tries to appeal to her husband's humanity. Those who've seen "Footloose" on screen or stage may associate the story with the '80s, from its loud fashion to the crooning of Kenny Loggins on the title song. The youth of the community, Cardia added, is critical to that process.

Brett Smock, the director of the show and the producing artistic director of The Rev, told the cast of "Footloose" that he wanted to focus on those messages in his production, Ryan said. On the stage of the Merry-Go-Round, the show will also move away from the violence against women in the film, such as Moore stopping short dating slapping Ariel, instead of actually doing so like in the film.

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But The Rev's production will hit many of the nostalgic marks people expect of "Footloose," including its iconic soundtrack. And those songs will be brought to life on stage by a talented cast and ensemble of dancers, Grant said. Lake Life Editor David Wilcox can be reached at or david. Follow him on Twitter drwilcox.

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Support Local Journalism Your membership makes our reporting possible. And his first role, in sophomore year of high school, was none other than Ren McCormack. But Ryan believes the heart of that story — a community in conflict — isn't nearly as dated.

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