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Name: Tiphani

Years: 48

Took my husband into the emergency room today. He was feeling dizzy and has several different health issues. I tried to go with him but was told that the nurse was going to do a quick triage and he'd be back out. He disappeared from the room and I inquired about his where abouts. I was told that he was taken back, I couldn't go to him nor was I entitled to know what was going on. I waited in their germ riddled waiting room for an hour.

Inquired again and received a very condescending comment, just rude. It's making me sick that I left him there. Made a phone call and they're just as rude over the phone as they are in person.

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If this is one of the best, I'd hate to see the worst this area has to offer. Dorothy, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Can you your contact information to patientexperience tenethealth. We would like to address your concerns. You couldn't have had better nurses or Drs. Even the financial staff were very courteous.

Thanks for the great care. Hi Janet, thank you so much for sharing your positive experience! We will make sure and share your kind words with the staff. We took our son to the ER and were there a long time as usual.

He had aspiration pneumonia. He was sent to the 2nd floor.

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On arrival, the nurse took his vitals and immediately called a team from Intensive Care as his blood pressure was dangerously low. He was in the ICU for 4 days where he was stabilized. Good care. Competent nurses. Doctors very poor at communicating with relatives. He was then sent to 3rd floor.

Room a bit bigger than a closet, very dirty. Hell started He was put on a feeding tube. Now that he is home and we have familiarized ourselves with feeding tubes we realize how many mistakes the nurses made. The worst was the diarrhea.

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Not once, did any of the nurses check to see if he was soiled, I had to call them. They did not clean him up properly, using a couple of rough washcloths his bottom was so raw, the washcloths hurt him so I brought some wipes from homea few swipes and they slapped some cream on. I washed him thoroughly everytime after the nurses left. He got a bedbath once during his weeklong stay.

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I washed him as well as I could but, not being able to move him, it was difficult. He has cerebral palsy and cannot move his legs. His room was dirty, a cleaning person came every other day and ran a mop here and there, never scrubbing anything. Most of the nurses do not seem to care, just putting in time.

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There was one aide for about a dozen rooms. Most of the doctors are in and out, obviously not wanting to communicate with the patient or family. I feel sorry for patients who don't have anyone overseeing their care Thank you for your review, Nicole.

We would like to learn more about your experience and address your concerns. I've been there before an wasn't happy but decided to go again after all it is the closet an in my community an again I feel I was treated poorly the first time because of the opiate problem an now I'm not sure I was woke up with my arm itching figured I got bit by a spider or maybe a mosquito.

The Dr. Says to me are you homeless?? Why would he ask that. An med card it's been a couple of days since I was there an I still feel vialated in away. Thank you for your review, Monica. Can you your contact information to socialmedia tenethealth. I don't usually leave reviews. I went in with stroke symptoms.

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I'm a young mother and my doctor told me to immediately go to urgent care. At urgent care, they told me to rush to the ER because of my symptoms and heart disease.

The Arrowhead ER was far worse than going to urgent care. The moment I showed up, the receptionists didn't even make eye contact with me I'm a white woman with insurance for those saying they only treat Hispanics this way, not true. I waited an hour before I was called back.

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My symptoms grew worse and I was showing major s of a stroke. The man who put my iv in Not only did he not even look at me but he put my IV in wrong and my arm quickly turned purple and got stiff. I had to beg another nurse to take it out after an hour of being ignored. My arm turned blue and I finally got a nurse to remove the IV. The ER doc came in and talked to me like I was just joking around.

When my words started to slur, he asked if I do drugs and I said I have a heart disease and I'm having stroke symptoms. There was zero My friend came to sit with me and my kids dropped by to visit because it had been hours and I needed to feed my baby.

The ER nurses kept saying, "all better? They didn't even do an MRI! I have a preexisting heart issue and was having major stroke symptoms and was treated like I was just screwing around.

I've heard Thunderbird ER is better and faster. Never go here they treated my wife with disrespect like she was stupid she had a cyst pop not that they even knew what they were looking for then they waiting hours didn't give here any pain meds then came in said oh cyst poped there's free fluid didn't say how much nor did they give her any advice more info if she needed antibiotics well guess eat there was a lot and she got a bad infection and now needs more hospital visits never go to the hospital this isn't the first time they treated her this way and in the end never helped and in ways made things worse.

This hospital is the absolute worst place to go if you need emergency room care. I was there after feeling like I was having a heart attack. They treated me with the attitude that they were to busy.

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I was the only one in the emergency room. I am not kidding.

When they got me upstairs I was sharing a room with someone who could not speak English. The children were there at first and of course had to go home. These supposed educated and intelligent people treated her so bad I wanted to slap them. She was helpless in doing anything. Now getting back to my problems.

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